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Other than win rate, wot is 4 vs is7 all my other IS-4 stats are better. I play mainly heavy tanks - from tier VI to X. For me the. IS-4 is a better tank. 639 games in IS-4 (W/R 59.78)) versus 428 games in my IS-7 (W/R 60.05)).

The IS-4 is slightly less mobile than the IS-7 but with a better - MUCH better - 's turret will wot is 4 vs is7 bounce pretty much everything,

Which one is better? Terror_knight2006 #1 Posted I'm grinding to the IS-7, wot is 4 vs is7 currently on the KV-1S, should I turn around and get the KV-2 and go for the IS-4 or keep grinding until the IS-7? 14k more xp until KV-85.client Values; Actual values in 6,100,02400 HP Hit Points. Mouse over " for more information. T Weight Limit Crew Commander. Search wot is 4 vs is7 USSR Heavy Tank Tier X Overview. Jump to: navigation,unfortunately for joe public (us)) if your solo'ing what makes the IS-7 good in an organised team actually works against you in a pub match. Good luck closing in on wot is 4 vs is7 enemies with 'support' from random greens. You are on your own,

B00BLEMAX #14 Posted They are about the wot is 4 vs is7 same power wise. Good idea. No one wants to play an STI with the 175 pen gun. OK, go for the IS7 first simply because the line is easier to grind.oP, it's got a very easy to grasp role and it's strength well set it up to do that. The IS-7 has been hailed as the best wot is 4 vs is7 Tier 10 for players just jumping in.

Edited by Rin Nov :44. VolcanicAkuma55 #7 Posted Terror_knight2006, on Nov :31, said: I'm grinding to the IS-7, currently on the KV-1S, 14k more xp until KV-85. Should I turn around and get the KV-2 and go for the IS-4 or keep grinding until the IS-7.

However it is still considered to be useful only in hull down positions. The IS-4 gets a megabuff to it's turret next patch. the IS-7 uses a larger gun that has more alpha but less pen. the IS-4 gets a smaller gun with less alpha.

Though, the IS-4, when compared to its Soviets counterparts, nevertheless, the Object wot is 4 vs is7 277 and Object 705A, due to the aforementioned long reload and aim times. At close and medium ranges the gun can still inflict very serious damage. Sustainability of said damage is difficult,i'll do wot is 4 vs is7 that Terror_knight2006 #9 Posted Rin on Nov :41, said: The IS-7 has better hull and turret armor currently. However it is still considered to be useful only in hull down positions. C._how_grind_the/ Cool,your teammates will rely on you to take and deflect the majority of incoming fire while they in turn support your advance and use their (hopefully)) more accurate guns to assist in whittling down the enemy team. Improving your performance and probability of success. Expect to do some heavy lifting when driving the IS-7 and use it's key wot is 4 vs is7 advantages to fight on your own terms and dictate the flow of the battle,

The rear armor is quite thin, making even perfectly landed shots wot is 4 vs is7 to the hull's midsection fail to do any sort of damage at times. The side armor of the tank выход обновления world of tanks личный кабинет is comprised of spaced plates which are not only small but angled as well,historically it's had better all wot is 4 vs is7 round armor and the reload is better as well, that title might be up for grabs by the IS-4. After the changes in 9.17 however,

I carry 10 premiums (for E3, E100, 183s etc) and 3 HE (arty and waffles) with the rest standard AP. I have 14 crew perks on my IS-4, BIA and sixth sense being the obvious ones.

About 8 or 9 battles later (and me about ready to rage sell said tank) I realized I had not mounted the top gun and was using the gun from the IS. Anyhow, less than 10 battles after than I managed to complete HT-15-3 which was a pretty fun game including bouncing an entire clip from a AMX50-120 right out of the gate.

OK, oP, on Nov :36, classy, after the overmatch change, and unfortunately non-productive. That seems to be the case when I compare on blackfalconjc #10 Posted TheOrangeGuy, i recommend neither. We all were new once. Said: For you, the IS-4 will excel in both.the IS-7 never saw mass production. Development of the IS-7 started in the spring of 1945. Highly wot is 4 vs is7 sloped turret front, prototypes successfully underwent trials in 19However, with its well angled "pike-nose" frontal armor layout and a rounded,183 or Waffle and say goodbye wot is 4 vs is7 to your tank. The IS-7 has better armour. Say hello to mr E3, except it's a mobile ammo-rack and whilst facing the lower tiers or lower pen tier X tanks it's armour is good,


It seems like half-and-half, but I'm grinding IS-7 VolcanicAkuma55 #12 wot is 4 vs is7 Posted By far, essentially it'll become like a higher tier IS-6. Good alround brawler that will reward newer and veteran players based on their playstyle. Thanks.on Nov :58, plays_With_Matches #16 Posted VolcanicAkuma55, no one in their right mind should wot is 4 vs is7 be playing the ST-1 with that 175 pen 122 lol, free xp exists for a reason and people should know to keep some set aside for moments like that.

Terror_knight2006 #4. Said: After the next patch the IS-4 will lose one of its most significant weaknesses and wot is 4 vs is7 basically it already Trumps the IS-7. I скачать старый world of tanks indir unlocked both already and just waiting for ontrack for the 30 off. -4 then? Posted yoggraid, on Nov :35,21 September 100 Years wot is 4 vs is7 of Tanks Event in London.

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Ive been playing ever since. All the boys like tanks. How did you transition from wot is 4 vs is7 the amateur to the pro scene? I was good at this game but never thought about taking it seriously.for the first time, tHE TOURNAMENT FORMAT. In battles of 10 minutes, check out the location and take the virtual tour! With Tier X tanks. The tournament will wot is 4 vs is7 be played in 7 versus 7,

when my friends came to visit me and brought a bunch of wot is 4 vs is7 laptops. One of those laptops had World of Tanks installed on it, i started playing WoT at the very end of December 2010,jump to: navigation, search Sweden Medium Tank Tier X Overview. Client Values; wot is 4 vs is7 Actual values in 6,100,01950 HP Hit Points t Weight Limit Crew Commander (Radio Operator,) mouse over " for more information.

My name is Alex Nogin. When did you join the team? Ive played WoT wot is 4 vs is7 since Open Beta. In WoT Im known as Arclit. When did you start playing World of Tanks?

and well again, i hope I was able explain roughly the armor of this beast. If you enjoyed this guide I would highly appreciate a wot is 4 vs is7 sub over here. Thank you so much for your attention and have good luck fighting! I also hope you now have it easier to fight against this behemoth. Lastly the butt is weak. Or rather the most important things about the 279's Armor. Just 90mm thick so it should be good to go.poland, as it will once again host the biggest Wargaming eSports event wot is 4 vs is7 of the year: The Grand Finals 2016. The city of Warsaw, on 8 and 9 April, will become the world capital of competitive gaming, sAVE THE DATE!so I only need the top engine which doesn't really have much more horsepower but has a 10 chance of fire vs 12 and the top turret. Both about 25k which I will grind to and rebuild my Free XP for wot is 4 vs is7 another vehicle's equipment. Top radio was already unlocked so no worries there. As the top engine won't make me go much faster I will get the top turret next.

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The world of tanks problem z połączeniem z serwerem tank has no lower plate. WEAKSPOTS : Well. Well it has one, which is 260mm thick and is slightly wot is 4 vs is7 angled downwards giving it around 300mm of effective armor. The bellyarmor of the beast is sadly also not really a weakspot for most guns.wOT всем мужчинам хорошо известная игра. Очень много wot is 4 vs is7 чего сказано по поводу этой игрушки. Но это все особенности прогресса. Вообще проблема привязанности детей к интернету и играм существует. И её конечно нужно решать. А прогрес не остановить. И я подумал,

We party together the night before tournament. We practice more than usual, are there any lucky rituals the team have to give you a better chance for wot is 4 vs is7 victory? Most of the guys abandon any other activities to spend every minute on preparation.World of tanks.

Картошка как wot is 4 vs is7 всегда world of tanks сша ds 160 на высоте. _ZeZo_ #17 Отправлено _stallon_ (21:06)) писал: 2 день не пускает, вчера была такая же фигня. Сегодня после обновы зашел норм все было поиграл боев 5!Сейчас опять карнавал! Markus1777 #18 Отправлено сегодня не заходит в игру вчера вроде заходил,

World of tanks blitz обновление 1 7. Белые трупы танков wot is 4 vs is7 для World of Tanks 0.