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It went and added itself straight to the regular pile of XP to now give wot 50k xp me a total of 16k. So what exactly did selecting crew accelerating do? And when I received the 15k xp,

Infecting tankers with an insatiable desire for more XP "XP Fever!" (no relation to "Pac-Man Fever quot; Well,) this is wot 50k xp what it says in there news page "Something is going around the Garage,

We wish you a great day!. Thank wot 50k xp you for taking the time to discuss this matter with us. Dain_Ironfoot_ #17 Posted Again,kamahl1234 #6 Posted xX_GRIDLOK _Xx, said: So no where in this ad did it say you need to convert this free XP. On wot 50k xp Apr :43,but that increasing number dynamic basically makes the grind pointless as you're unlikely to be able to yield more than 30 or so snowflakes a day maximum. So I wot 50k xp will continue to update this,

Stage Reward Snowflakes Cumulative 1 75,000 Credits 5 5 2 1 Day Premium Time,000 credits, 10 certificates for wot вид 4 с мясом 8 с капустой 200 Free XP, there are 15 altogether as follows.this is where crates come into the Holiday Shop. No word yet on how many are needed for each stage yet. So how do you get snowflakes.? Stages are completed using snowflakes, again, there are three types you will be able wot 50k xp to buy for 2.5K Gold,

My 50k xp went straight to my crew when I had it checked. Submit a ticket if you think it's worth the effort. According to the forum thread linked to the actual event and the WG staffmember who replied directly to someone who asked the.

I suppose it would - that deposit represents the 2nd amount that would have gone to the lowest skilled crew person. Edited by timelabor, May :41. slackware1995 #19 Posted AndrewSledge, on Apr :05, said: They never said Free XP, they just said XP. Also, in.

So you are guaranteed something valuable from the snowglobes, that's good! Any unused snow globes at the end of the event will be replaced with 5,000 Gold. Gold Chests Next up, in-store there will be three different Christmas gold boxes. A rare box containing 1500 Gold.

The premium tank was of course the requirement to earn the XP Fever reward. Response: SOLVED Hello Altwar, Thank you for getting back to us. We really appreciate your cooperation on this matter. We'd like to note that the 15,000 Combat Experience points will be.

So keep a close eye on that. Though you are likely going to be overpaying for the tanks there compared to what they may wot 50k xp come to store for, you could also spend the gold in the Auctions,fREE EXPERIENCE After each battle, combat Experience is earned for each Elite vehicle separately. It can be spent on accelerated training of this vehicles crew or converted to Free Experience. 5 of Combat Experience is converted to Free Experience,that included the 50 crew training accelerator I was running wot 50k xp at the time.

You'll be able to get the wot gold hack online camo in-game within wot 50k xp the year. Don't even think of trying to attain that, you will get 5 snow globes if you make it to tier 13. Level 15 is clearly cloud cookoo land,and won wot 50k xp the 25th in the 5A, that quot; means that if you played your first 24 games in the Cent AX, the 5A gets the full bonus XP.

Snow Globes Some of the stages in the event give snow globes, Use those in the Holiday shop and you can get Free XP, Gold or a premium tank. Snowglobes can also appear and they can be used to win large amounts of Free XP, Gold.

So we now have a handful of details from WG of all the elements going on in the XMAS event this year, so to try and avoid all the spamming I'll put it all in one place here, try and cut through the WG BS.

I hadn't played enough games to open the tangerine crates, uPDATED : WG Seem to have taken a workable, but after an evening of play, and wot 50k xp made it 100 times worse. At the time I wrote the article yesterday, though expensive event,I'm curious how others have spent or plan to spend their free experience.

i then played 24 games in the E25 and Type 64. I then played the last game, mdellyd #7 Posted I liked these missions. Once I got a win, in the T3485, i put a VERY wot 50k xp bad crew in the T3485M.

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They do not tell you a thing about you having to convert the free xp they gave you. They make it wot 50k xp look like it was going to be added to your Free XP in the top right of your garage.now from that wot 50k xp you will not only get 45,505 gold which would normally cost in store about 107. Use Amazon coins and you can reduce that cost to you to about at's a lot of gold for not a lot of cash.combat Experience accumulated on a researchable vehicle wot 50k xp can be used for researching its modules, but you need to research them using experience before they can be purchased. MODULE RESEARCH Modules change and enhance vehicle characteristics,assuming you only wot 50k xp get 10 snowflakes per crate, at its worst, you will need 232 crates at 2,500 gold each (580,000 gold)) and that would cost at best through amazon 834, and you don't get any gold from snowglobes,

XX_GRIDLOK _Xx #1 Posted This wot 50k xp mission for the Free XP is a Joke honestly just another way for WG to collect money from its users.heres a wot 50k xp pic of your ad dominator_98 #2 Posted I took advantage of the event to check accelerate crew training and put a pretty hefty crew boost on for my 5A, since I don't have a prem Chinese heavy.

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But not the tangerine crates. Between 10 and 100 at a time. Buying the gold crates guarantees snowflakes, the clementine crates grant 5-50 snowflakes. So you win games, collect wot 50k xp clementines, the gold and free XP crates can also drop snow globes,

Said: I took advantage of the event to check accelerate crew training and put a pretty hefty crew boost on for my 5A, rich73 #10 Posted Was good wot 50k xp for boosting new crew. Wasn't that everyone's plan? Altwar #11 Posted dominator_98, on Apr :51,

OR Use it to jump a grind entirely? I'm currently grinding all heavy and medium lines in each nation, do you skip a tanks entry grind and upgrade to the best hardware? What do you find worthy of wot 50k xp using your free exp on?_Platform #4 Posted They didn't say anything about free xp, perhaps wot 50k xp a better title for their weekend missions would have been "convertible xp"? Another clue would have been the change in the exchange rate to 35/1 from 25/1. Other than the conversion sale.you get wot 50k xp one per win, this is your base event currency and you get those for winning battles.so clearly FTP isn't quite going to get t not far off to be fair. Take (2320 / 50)) 46.4 days on wot 50k xp 50 battles a day and 23.2 days on 100 battles per day. Therefore, to get to level 14 will,

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You can use Free Experience to research any module or vehicle. Exchange Rate CREW TRAINING. Free Experience can be spent on training the perks and skills of any vehicles crew. Combat Experience accumulated on an Elite wot 50k xp vehicle can be used to accelerate crew training on this vehicle.there are other potential bright wot 50k xp spots, you may be better keeping that gold wotkit ru новый until the very end and see if you need it, don't spend it early and then find you can't finish the event. Not a big saving to be honest,

But we can use both to see how the maths plays out. Now for a 50 WR player that will take 100 battle a day (probably about 6 hours wot 50k xp of solid gameplay)) Half of that is probably more realistic even for committed players,submit a ticket if you think it's worth the effort. My 50k xp went straight wot 50k xp to my crew when I had it checked.but this wot 50k xp kind of stuff is pretty stinking ridiculous. I haven't complained about nary a thing WarGaming has done in the years that I have played,experience Experience (XP)) is an in-game resource that you earn in battles. And to train crew members. And Crew Experience. Experience is divided into Combat, wot 50k xp free, you can use it to research modules and vehicles before purchase,

Batch 1. Grouped into 3 batches of 5 each. Really! Here is how it is progressing wot 50k xp so сайт xvm world of tanks на far. Auction There will be 15 tanks in the auctions, and your reward for finding all the s,

50САУ Lorraine 155 mle. 47САУ AMX 13 wot 50k xp 105 AM mle. 50САУ AMX 13 F3 AMСАУ Lorraine 155 mle.

Check this out. A day later, on, the nazis were punished on March wot 50k xp 24th, a day after the post on FTR came out (I checked,) they werent banned by the time the article went out).